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Online Giving Instructions:
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To designate an Endowment gift online please click the button above. At the bottom of the new page, please click on the grey Donate button. After entering donation amount and filling out your information, write in the Comments section to designate gifts of memoriam, in honor of, general endowment fund or named funds.

What is an endowment?  An Endowment is a fund of money the principal of which is held in perpetuity and invested, and from which an organization may use only the return on investment.  A strong endowment provides an income stream that allows us to meet our commitments and plan for the future without interruption.  It allows us to run a world-class orchestra, maintain excellent education and community initiatives, and offer outstanding concerts year-round.

The purpose in increasing the Springfield Symphony Endowment fund is to help fill the gap between revenue and expenses and to provide the means to pursue new opportunities by developing programs.  The income generated by our endowment is already making a positive impact on our operations, and has the potential of providing us with long-term sustainability. 

Planned Gifts

To help ensure the future of the Orchestra, consider making a bequest to the Springfield Symphony.  By having the Orchestra in your Will, you can commemorate the inspiration and enjoyment that the Symphony has given you over the years.  Your generous contribution will help us continue to bring the pleasure of music to many future generations.  Donations that come to the Orchestra from a Bequest are invested in the Springfield Symphony Endowment and the interest earned annually from these funds is used in support of the Orchestra.  Therefore the money lives on forever providing funds for the sustaining of the Orchestra and educational outreach programs.

Types of Planned Gifts:

Trust/Will (Bequest) - Name the Springfield Symphony Association as a beneficiary of your Trust and/or Will.  Please consult with your Attorney.

Life Insurance - Name the Springfield Symphony Association as beneficiary of your life insurance proceeds.

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT) - Name the Springfield Symphony Association as remainder beneficiary of your CRT.  You permanently transfer the assets (typically low basis securities or real estate) you wish to donate to a Trust.  You and any of your designated beneficiaries will receive an annual income for the rest of your lives.  You will also receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction and there are usually no federal estate taxes on a CRT.  After your death, or the death of your other spouse or other loved one(s), the remainder of the assets will be distributed to the Symphony's endowment.  Please consult with your Attorney.

Gift of your Home - A life estate is a type of planned gift that enables you to donate a remainder interest in your home to the Symphony. You receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for the gift, and you continue to live in your home until your death.  Your home will then pass directly to the Symphony without delay.  Please consult with your Attorney and/or Tax Advisor regarding the deductibility of this gift.

For more information, or to provide the Symphony with information about your legacy gift, please contact the Symphony office and/or fill out the following Beethoven's Society Membership form. 

The following people have made recent contributions to the Springfield Symphony Endowment Fund:

Margo S. Armstrong (7) (14) (16)
Robert Baird (1) 
Ms. Catherine Banks (7)
Judith A. Beisner (7) (13) (14)
James Billings (1) 
Col. (Ret) Carl L. and Linda Boswell (14)
Ron Brammer (1) 
Dr. and Mrs. Loren and Nancy Broaddus (14)
Regina and William Cooper (14)
Mr. and Mrs. William Darr (12)
Betsy and Dan Dougherty (4)
Mildred Eisele (3) 
J. Howard and Jan Fisk (1) (7)
Carol Gordon (2) 
Barbara Cook Hall (1) (14)
Dr. Donald Harkness (14)
Judy Hellam (14)
Dr. Kenneth D. Herfkens MD (7) (14)
Mary Hodge (10)
Cynthia Hollander (1) 
Susan Holliday (1) 
Home Sweet Care, Inc. (11)
Bob, Janet, and Stacey Hopkins (4)
William James (14)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Jobe (7)
Zena Khalil (5)
Mrs. Louise Knauer (7)
Drs. Gary Soderberg and Loretta Knutson (7)
Fredna Mahaffey (14)
Thomas and Evelyn Mangan (7)
Dr. Norm and Morey Mechlin (14)
Ms. Joan Menchetti (7) (14)
Mildred Eisele Trust
David Muegge (1)
Mr. Wallace J. Munden (8)
Linda Overend (7)
Stephen and Linda Paganini Brite (6)
Sue Phillips (14)
Elizabeth Pruett (7) 
RMMC, CPAs (7)
Nick, Sally, Bryce, and Grant Ruder (4)
Mr. T. Salveter III and Mrs. B. Hogan (7)
Thomas and Marsha Slaight
Vicki Sterling Johnson (14)
Ms. Amber Stenger (7)
Joan Thompson (7)
William Tollinger (9)
Dr. and Mrs. Yates Trotter (7)
U.S. Bank Wealth Management (11) (14)       
Dee and Anne Wampler (17)
Dr. and Mrs. Courtney Whitlock (7) (14) (15)
Maggie Wilcox
Susan Zdanowski (7)

(1) In Honor of the Patricia Lockhart Memorial Scholarship 
(2) In Memory of Ronald Kean 
(3) In Honor of the Mildred Eisele Trust 
(4) In Honor of Mary Lou Andrews
(5) In Memory of Dr. Bruce Hyde
(6) In Honor of The Stephen and Linda Paganini Brite Endowment Fund

(7) In Memory of John Gerdes
(8) In Memory of Julia Anna Kohr
(9) In Memory of Mildred Howell
(10) In Memory of Pat Harper Scarlett
(11) In Memory of Jane Schneider
(12) In Honor of the Paul and Marie Brewster Memorial Endowment Fund
(13) In Memory of Margaret Blackwood

(14) In Memory of Yates Trotter
(16) In Memory of Anne Wampler

(17) In Memory of Jerry Redfern 

As of 3/25/21 

Beethoven Society
The following people have notified the Springfield Symphony that they have included the Symphony in their wills:

Mrs. Judy Beisner
Earl M. Brake Jr.
Bernard G. and Pamela N. Burrier
Mrs. Jerome A. Caplan
Ms. Carol Cook
Mrs. Mildred Eisele
Dr. Eric and Kristi Fulnecky
Guy and Dorothy Mace
Thomas and Evelyn Mangan
Greg and Judy McManus
Dr. and Mrs. Yates Trotter