Violin I

  • David R. Hays, Concertmaster
    The Patricia A. Le Fevre Endowed Concertmaster Chair
    Sponsored by the Bryan & Amber Musgrave
  • Pamela Davis, Assistant Concertmaster
    Sponsored by Nesbitt Construction
  • Timothy Daucher
    Sponsored by Bryan Properties
  • Carol Harrison
    Sponsored by Tony & Jan Atkinson
  • Sherry Xiao Hu
  • Amanda Murphree-Roberts
  • Bethany Phillips
  • Allison Steiner
    Sponsored by Wampler-Passanise Law Firm
  • Aleksis Zarins
    Sponsored by PJC Insurance Agency, LLC

Violin II

  • Larry Dissmore, Principal
    Sponsored by Rooney McBride & Smith
  • Erik Hassell, Assistant Principal
    Sponsored by Greg & Judy McManus
  • Joanna Davis
  • Danyal Sallee
    Sponsored by Greg & Annette Tesch
  • Suzannah Dolanc-Pugh
  • Linda Hills
    Sponsored by the Springfield Symphony Guild
  • Janet Hopkins
    Sponsored by the Springfield Symphony Guild
  • Kelly Owens
    Sponsored by Hoover Music Company
  • Barbara Page
    Sponsored by Anonymous Donor
  • Elizabeth Suh 


  • Kirsten Weingartner Weiss, Principal
    The Kay Whitlock Endowed Viola Chair
    Sponsored by Burgess Aircraft & Ozair
  • Ned Horner, Assistant Principal
      Sponsored by Walnut Street Inn
  • Starla Blair
  • Kathy Murray
    Sponsored by Debbie Litteken & Jon Wessel
  • Anna Tripi
  • Shelly Woods
  • Mary Zimmerman


  • Michael A. Murray, Principal on leave
    The Judith A. Beisner Endowed Cello Chair
  • Jacqueline Trtan, Acting Principal
    Sponsored by In Memory of Dr. Becky Hartley
  • Matthew Pierce, Acting Assistant Principal
  • Connie Bernet
    Sponsored by Bernet Family
  • William Elliott
  • Katherine Love
  • Caleb Marshall
    Sponsored by F&H Food Equipment Co


  • Sue Stubbs, Principal
  • Tiffanie Grandon, Assistant Principal
  • Paul Meyer Neel
  • Riley Robison
  • Tommy Zongker
    Sponsored by Irwin & Susan Cohen


  • Jill Heyboer, Principal
  • Kathleen Cowens
    Sponsored by Aaron Properties
  • Angela Love
    Sponsored by Ascend Dental Design


  • Angela Love
    Sponsored by Ascend Dental Design

English Horn

  • Jill Andrews Goodman


Bass Clarinet

  • Joanne Britz


  • John Atteberry, Principal
    Sponsored by US Bank Private Client Group
  • Brent Filmer
  • Keel Williams

Contra Bassoon

  • Keel Williams


  • Lisa Casey, Principal
    The William M. 'Joe Bill' Turner Endowed Horn Chair
  • Richard Ruhe
  • Eric Jackson
  • Stephanie Ruhe



Bass Trombone

  • William Hartman
     Sponsored by Dr. Don & Linda Overend


  • Bradley Coker, Principal
    The Yates & Janet Trotter Endowed Tuba Chair




Operations Manager

  • Aleksis Zarins

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