The following people have made recent contributions to the Springfield Symphony Endowment Fund:

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Bauer (5)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Barr (5)

Michael and Claudia Brown (5)

Ann Cox and Bill Compere (5)

Ms. Christina Casey (5)

Betsy and Dan Dougherty (1)

Billy Raye Foster and Family (3)

Max and Joan Gasaway (5)

Phillips and Barabara Hall (5)

Jim and Carol Harrison (5)

Bob and Janet Hopkins, Stacey Hopkins; Nick, Sally, Bryce and Grant Ruder (1)

Mr. and Mrs. Weston Horst (5)

Marjorie R. Kaller (5)

Robert and Barbara Kipfer (5)

Craig and Judy Lindquist (5)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lynch (5)

Mrs. Joyce Minasian (5)

Mrs. Judith Huntsman McDonald (5)

Mr. and Mrs. Max Oldham (2)

John and Anna Owens (5)

Ms. Kelly Owens (5)

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Palen (5)

Dr. David Randall

John and Antoinette Somers (5)

Mary Somes (5)

Christopher and Dorothy Straw (5)

Mr. and Mrs. Dee Wampler (3)(4)(6)(7)(8)

(1) In Honor of Mary Lou Andrews

(2) In Honor of Charles Dee Collins

(3) In Honor of Bill R. Foster

(4) In Honor of Jim Pretti

(5) In Honor of Rosalie DeLange

(6) In Honor of Lyn Thompson

(7) In Honor of Sally Ann Harrison

(8) In Honor of Dr. Jim Massey

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