Named Endowment

The Springfield Symphony Association continues to benefit from major contributions to the Endowment through the following named funds:

The Springfield Symphony Endowment Fund

The Springfield Symphony Guild Endowment Fund

The Springfield Symphony Cultural Trust Fund

The Mary Lou Andrews Endowment Fund (in honor of the second violin section)

The Bill H. and Margo Simson Armstrong Endowment Fund

The Nancy S. Back Scholarship Fund

The Earl L. and Jane Barkley Memorial Fund

The Donald H. and Judith A. Beisner Endowment Fund

The Judith A. Beisner Principal Cello Chair Endowment Fund

The Paul and Marie Brewster Memorial Endowment Fund (endowed trumpet chair)

The Stephen and Linda Paganini Brite Endowment Fund

The Dr. Guy Callaway, Jr. Endowment Fund

*The William H. Calhoun and Mary Helen Calhoun Endowment Fund

The Carla M. Calvin Endowment Fund

The Shirley A. Calvin Endowment Fund

The Charles R. and Barbara Cook Hall Endowment Fund

The Francis J. Ellis Memorial Fund

The John and Carolyn Gerdes Endowment Fund

The Mrs. Harley R. Gleason Memorial Fund

* The Esther S. Milner Karchmer Memorial Fund (endowed chair)

The Rosemary Keller Endowment Fund

The Fern Kightlinger Memorial Fund

The Harry F. and Zealia Kirkpatrick Endowment Fund

The Frances Duemler Knox Endowment Fund

The Patricia A. LeFevre Concertmaster Chair

The Jeanne M. Loveless Memorial Fund

The Shirley C. Maddy Endowment Fund

The Evelyn J. McNabb Endowment Fund

The Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. McQueary Fund

The Samuel M. Minasian Memorial Fund

The Jacqueline H. Powell Memorial Fund

The Grace Allan Rosser Memorial Fund

The Randy and Donna Renkel Endowment Fund

The Joseph Schellhardt Memorial Scholarship Fund

The John H. and Katherine E. Simmons Fund

The Lester F. and Hanna R. Strauss Memorial Fund

The Lester T. Sunderland Foundation Fund

The Walter and Ruth Thomas Endowment Fund (in honor of the French Horn section)

The Dr. Yates and Janet Trotter Prinicpal Tuba Chair Endowment Fund

* The William M. “Joe Bill” Turner Memorial Endowment Fund (endowed French Horn chair)

The VA-NAN-PAT Endowment Fund

The Don and Betty Wessel Endowment Fund (endowed piano chair)

The William T. White Endowment Fund

The Kay Whitlock Endowment Fund (endowed prinicpal viola chair)

The Frances S. Wilke Memorial Fund

The Don S. and Rosemary Witt Memorial Fund

* Through the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Inc.

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